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Newburyport is a beautiful seaside community full of cobblestone streets and architecture that predates Americaís birth. The city, which was first settled in 1635, is one of the smallest cities in Massachusetts. Despite its size Newburyport is a central part of New England history and has a lot to offer its residents. It was once the center of maritime trade, shipbuilding and fishing and boasts connections to Paul Revere, William Lloyd Garrison and George Whitefield. Alongside a rich history, Newburyport offers its 17,000 residents a lively downtown of shops, restaurants and museums; a collection of relaxing parks, waterfront areas and wildlife reservations; and an active social schedule.

View of the boat docks in Newburyport As a well-established community, Newburyport offers an excellent selection in real estate, particularly for homebuyers interested in classic New England architecture. The city boasts an extensive collection of large, well-preserved federalist-style homes and a variety of colonialsóboth grand and quaint. Aside from its classic historic homes, Newburyport also has an assortment of new construction homes and condominiums in a range of styles from simple to luxury. Buyers can expect to find homes in nearly every price category up to $1,245,000; however, Newburyportís 2010 mean and median single-family home sale prices were $463,951 and $425,000 respectively.

Although Newburyport is a scenic seaside city about 38 miles from Bostonís hustle and bustle, its location is convenient to many areas. Residents have local access to routes I-95, I-495 and 1. Newburyport residents are just a fifteen-minute drive from New Hampshire and can commute to Boston in just under an hour. In addition residents enjoy convenient access to points all over Bostonís North Shore and Merrimack Valley. Newburyport is also home to an MBTA Commuter Rail station, which provides service to Boston as well as cities and towns throughout Bostonís North Shore.

Newburyport also boasts an excellent public education system. Newburyport Public School System, which is one of the oldest school systems in the nation, consists of three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school as well as the River Valley Charter School. Newburyport students score competitively on state MCAS tests, and Newburyport High School was ranked as one of the best public high schools in the state by Boston Magazine based on MCAS and SAT scores, student-to-teacher ratios, graduation rate, and college enrollment. In addition to its public schools, Newburyport has three private schools that educate students through eighth grade: the Immaculate Conception School, the Newburyport Montessori School and the Inn Street Montessori School.

Great recreational venues are also plentiful in Newburyport. To begin there is an extensive boardwalk with greens spaces, brick plazas, memorials, and stunning waterfront views. Just a short distance away from the boardwalk, is a bustling downtown full of shops and restaurants. For those seeking more serene areas, Newburyport has many parks and outdoor sites. Its most popular outdoor venues include Maudslay State Park and Joppa Flats. Maudslay State Park offers 450 acres of pristine forest and plenty of trails for everything from horseback riding to cross country skiing. Joppa Flats is located at the gateway to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and the Plum Island Estuary. It offers extensive wildlife observation and educational opportunities for all ages.

Newburyport is also home to many museums, including the Custom House Maritime Museum, the Cushing House Museum and Lowellís Boat Shop. The Custom House Maritime Museum, which was designed by the architect of the Washington Monument, focuses on preserving local maritime history as well as the history of the US Coast Guard, which began in Newburyport. The Cushing House Museum is a federalist period mansion that showcases artwork and furnishings from Newburyportís past. It also maintains a beautiful 19th century garden and carriage house. Lowellís Boat Shop, which is the birthplace of the fishing dory, is a working museum and is the nationís oldest continuously operating boat building business.

View of Newburyport harbor at sunset Aside from great museums and recreational venues, Newburyport residents have access to an active schedule of community activities for adults and youth. Newburyport Youth Services offers recreational activities and social services to children and their families and manages several youth activity centers. For adults Newburyport offers its Adult and Community Education Program, which sponsors fee-based courses in everything from boating to writing. The city also has many activities available at its Graf Ice Skating Rink, which hosts public skating, lessons and ice sports for all ages.

Aside from ongoing activities, Newburyport has many exciting annual events including farmersí markets, live concert series and art festivals. Among its most eagerly anticipated events is Yankee Homecoming. This week-long summer festival has been celebrating Newburyport heritage since 1957. It consists of over 200 events including art shows, road races, street fairs, fireworks, concerts, and an antique car parade.

With so many activities and attractions as well as plenty of historic and natural scenery, Newburyport offers homebuyers the best of coastal New England living.

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